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Honeywell Lyric Security System

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Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell Lyric is a wireless connected platform designed to simplify home comfort, security and awareness by controlling connected home products with a single app. Individually, each product performs brilliantly. Together, they’re a way to orchestrate life. Lyric Controller now features Apple HomeKit™ – right on board.



Lyric Security and Home Control System: simply the best way to grow your business

This next-generation security and connected home solution is easier to sell, easier to install and easier to maintain. Powerful features like two-way sensors, over-the-air updates and remote diagnostics help you serve more customers more efficiently - letting you add more revenue to your bottom line. It’s simply amazing.

Lyris Controller

Lyric Controller
Powerful and efficient, the Lyric Controller delivers a great connected home experience right out of the box. It puts consumers’ homes at their fingertips—all from one vibrant, 7-inch display. It’s intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use, whether your customers control the system with a tap on the touchscreen or the sound of their voice.
The contemporary, low-profile design blends with any décor.

03_Lyric_Radio_withHand.jpg Lyric features the most advanced communications, including on-board Wi-Fi®or Z-Wave® for maximum flexibility and user-replaceable CDMA or GSM cellular radios-a great way to reduce truck rolls.


Users can control security, thermostats, lights, locks and video with one touch-at the display or via their smart devices. Over 100 smart scenes can be automated for energy savings, comfort and security—helping your customers make the most of their homes. The controller supports a total of six Lyric or Z-Wave® thermostats.

03_Lyric_Radio_withHand.jpg Lyric mounts on virtually any indoor wall or can be place on a desk at a 30 or 60 degree angle.

06_Lyric_VoiceCommands.jpg Responds to speech commands, literally giving your customers’ homes a voice and enabling convenient, hands-free control.

The built-in camera can send your customers a picture when the system is disarmed—making it a snap to stay in the know.

Lyric Keypad

A great addition to the Lyric Controller, the Lyric Keypad enables easy, on-premises security system control virtually anywhere in the home. The compact, versatile device is ideal for small, hard-to-fit spaces and can be mounted on walls or placed on tabletops with the optional desk kit. Sleek and stylish, it blends with any décor.

Honeywell Lyric Keypad 10_Lyric_Keypad_inDeskMount.jpg

Honeywell SiX™ Two-Way Wireless Technology

The next generation is here. Featuring two-way wireless communication and extended range, these devices improve operational efficiency at the time of installation, and during service and maintenance.


Honeywell SiX Two-Way Wireless Sensors


SiX sensors feature a battery pull-tab, auto-enrollment and no-touch adjust to speed installation and eliminate errors. Devices can be adjusted and reconfigured remotely as needed, reducing the need to schedule on-site visits.


The System Health Check feature lets you monitor device signal strength, sensor settings and battery life anytime, anywhere via AlarmNet 360™.


Employs true, 128-bit encryption for a high level of security.


Reduce truck rolls with user-replaceable batteries and the ability to remotely adjust sensor parameters and download software updates.


When enabled, SiX devices only communicate with the originally installed Lyric Controller - helping to protect your investment.


Honeywell Total Connect® Remote Services

 Honeywell Total Connect features an enhanced interface that keeps your customers delighted and engaged with every use - providing a great connected home experience. They can control security, thermostats and cameras, and select third-party lights and locks anytime, anywhere, on any smart device.


AlarmNet 360

Honeywell’s AlarmNet 360 dealer portal will dramatically streamline and simplify the way you manage your business — from onboarding to install and customer service to account maintenance. It works on a computer, tablet or smartphone, so your technicians can stay productive wherever they go.

AlarmNet 360


Remotely program controllers, communicators and sensors, and quickly enter customer account information all in one place.


Remotely view system diagnostics for faster troubleshooting. Plus, see a neighborhood view of homes that require service to more efficiently plan truck rolls.


Cloud-based platform eliminates the need to have a program installed on each computer and ensures your version is always current.